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Frank LoBue


Frank’s Background

A lifetime of baseball.

Frank LoBue has been a baseball fan since he was a child. It started with the 1977 World Series when the New York Yankees beat the Los Angeles Dodgers. Frank’s brother Mac was a huge Yankees fan, and Frank could not get enough of them–from seeing Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in game 6 to watching Graig Nettles, Frank’s favorite Yankee, dazzle with his glove in the 1978 World Series against those same Dodgers. Back then, Frank and his brother kept score of the games with a no. 2 pencil and some loose leaf paper. His brother still has the original scorecard from the one-game playoff with the Red Sox. Who could forget Bill White’s call of Bucky Dent’s three run home in that game…deep to left! Frank and his brother were playing fantasy baseball with Strat-o-matic before anyone knew what fantasy sports was. From that moment on, Frank followed the Yankees and started playing baseball as often as he could. Throughout both high school and college Frank played baseball. Along the way, he made a lot of friends and collected some unforgettable memories. Today Frank does more coaching than he does playing. Frank’s son loves the sport as much as Frank did as a child, so now Frank has the good fortune to watch his son learn the game and coach him along the way.

Frank’s Coaching Experience

College and beyond

During college, Frank LoBue gained his first experience with coaching. He spent two summers participating in a baseball camp where he coached children aged 8-14. Early on Frank learned that it’s important to make the game fun for children. Otherwise, they won’t want to participate. Not every child plays at the same level, so Frank’s strategy is to partner up the more experienced players with someone who has less experience—that way the players can also learn from one another. It also helps the more advanced player learn to be a role model for the rest of the team.

While Frank LoBue focuses on baseball, he believes it’s important for children to be involved in any sport. Participating in a team sport gives children structure, and it helps keep them active. Being outside is very important—especially with all of the digital distractions that can keep children inside. However, at the same time, parents shouldn’t push a child to play a sport if they don’t want to. By showing children the sport on TV or in person, teaching them about the rules, and finding players who can be role models, children might become interested in the activity over time and want to play.

Professional Overview

Frank has been known for being professional, easy going and someone you can trust.  Flexible and adaptable to each unique client’s needs while being very knowledgeable to the local markets. He brings his personal and business life lessons to each interaction. Many years of retail business and sales experience makes him a great choice to partner with when making your decision on buying. He comes from a family of builders, architects and real estate professionals which helps in the decision making process. This Hoboken local has been in town for 10 years. Proud dad, husband and baseball coach whose children are involved in the local school events, baseball, soccer and hockey leagues.


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